A licencing opportunity

Golden Boot Striker School has developed a patent pending system that consistently creates high quality accurate strikers. This system is currently being implemented in Australia. The process and technology is able to be replicated.

What is amazing is that there are very few striker schools or academies in the world. There are lots of keeper academies but not strikers. In football a striker is one of the most important players in a team; their performance wins a game, if you score more goals than the opposition you win.

We have researched for over 18 months the elements of making a great striker, and then created a program to turn the theory into practice. We have tested the concept with four players and the results are fantastic.

There is the opportunity to licence Golden Boot Striker School in certain countries around the world. If you are interested in purchasing a country licence please contact Michael Robson on +61 407 914 102 or via email to

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Winter term sessions Mondays at 4.30pm and 5.45pm, Thursday nights 5.45 pm at Lomatia Park, Bland Road, Springwood in the Blue Mountains NSW. 

Summer term will commence in October. Nights and time is still to be determined. Location will be Lomatia Park, Bland Road, Springwood in the Blue Mountains NSW.

Please send an email to register your interest.

Training is conducted for approximately one hour; players need to be ready to start at the designated time.

Grounds status as at 28/04/2016: Currently Open. We will aim advise one hour before scheduled training time if the situation changes