Soccer Skill development

Our Vision

Our vision is to develop good strikers into star strikers who are capable of representing their country and engage in a professional career as a striker. A star striker is the key to a successful team; you can’t win games unless you score more goals than the opposition. Star strikers are more famous, are paid more money and sell more merchandise than other players, which is why they are so valuable. There are many, many factors in becoming a truly great striker. Our systematic process ensures that each player is coached in each element to ensure that the maximum potential of the player is achieved.

The background

Our story begins in January 2012, when the program was developed out of researching strikers and developing a coaching program for my son Mitchell and another player in his team, Ash. I was then approached by our local club to run a striker course for more players within our club. This allowed me to conduct further research into the elements of strikers and to further develop and refine the process. In October 2012, I was approached by a family friend to coach his daughter who wanted to transition from a defender into a striker and move from NSW Super League as a defender into Premier League as a striker. This provided an opportunity to conduct more research into the process and further develop the systematic process of maximising a striker's full potential and enhancing their performance. We are very proud of the results:

  • Mitchell improved by 370% and Ash improved by 280%.
  • Laura, in her first year as a striker, is the Golden Boot Striker in her division – nearly twice as good as the next best striker. She is the second best striker across all divisions, with a tally of 20 competition goals after 15 rounds - a fantastic result.

The results proved that we have developed a great process and we decided to make it a business - Golden Boot Striker Academy.

Our passion

We are passionate about developing strikers capable of being in the national teams, both Socceroos and Matildas, as well as international strikers playing in the top competitions overseas as well as in Australia. We are also passionate about our players. It is very important to us that the players enjoy the sessions as that is the best learning environment. If they truly enjoy their sport then they will thrive and stay in the game long term. Too much pressure and too much training cause players to burn-out and then they are not only lost to the game but their effort is wasted. Simply, we care about our players and their future.

Our current student/players are from grassroots, Super and Premier League, both boys and girls. We are seeing fantastic results with a number of players averaging just under 1 competition goal per game for the season. Each class will have a coach and a coaching assistant, making our coach to player ratio arguably the best in the country. Stay tuned and keep shooting for the stars…