Our proudest moments are when our players succeed. Sometimes this is when a player scores their first goal of the season. It is very hard to measure success, however because of our “personal best” scoring system, we know that all of our players improve. Some players are driven to achieve outstanding success others achieve their own personal goals which are still a stretch for them. Whatever our player's goals are, we support their efforts. Below are some results of our driven player's results.

March 2017

Lachlan Strahan Football NSW, Futsal State League 14 Boys Player of the year.

Lachlan’s mother Michelle made the following comment on Facebook.

“The skills that he has learned at GBSS he has applied to all levels of his game & his development has been progressive. Golden Boot gave Lachlan his love of the game back when he needed it the most. The coaches are some of the best out there & the bonds are irreplaceable.
Lachlan has dedicated his plaque to family friend Matt Dyer who was an awesome young man, player & GBSS coach.

2016 Golden Boot Winners

2016 Season

Golden Boot - Zoe Whyte 19 goals @ .75 goals per game and 4 goal assists.

Silver Boot - Joshua Jacka 15 goals @ 1.00 goals per game and 19 goal assists.


Joshua Jacka 2016 Silver Boot, Zoe Whyte 2016 Golden Boot

November 2016

Joshua Jacka was selected in the Australia under 16 Futsal side to tour Brazil but unfortunately, an untimely serious knee injury caused him to miss that opportunity. 

Molly Peake was selected to represent Australia as part of the under 13 FNSW Institute of Sports team, at the International Girls Cup being played in Dallas Texas, USA. 

Australia Representatives Joshua Jacka and Molly Peake
Australia Representatives Joshua Jacka and Molly Peake


September 2016

Joshua and the NSW representative Futsal team

Joshua Jacka represents NSW in Futsal Nationals in Brisbane. the team did very well winning the majority of their games. 

2015 Golden Boot Winners

2015 Season

Golden Boot - Zoe Whyte 11 goals @ .58 goals per game and 3 goal assists.

Silver Boot - Chloe Wearne 8 goals @ .38 goals per game and 10 goal assists.


January 2015

Lachlan Strahan has been selected in the Australian 13's boys Futsal side to tour Barcelona later this year. Well done Lachlan. This makes the third player from our Golden Boot school to make an Australian Futsal team. Our three Australian Representatives are Lachlan, Caitlin Bass and Amaya Moxham - great effort to all players.

2014 Golden Boot Winners

2014 Season

Golden Boot - Zoe Whyte 17 goals @ .85 goals per game and 7 goal assists.

Silver Boot - Mitchell Robson 14 goals @ .93 goals per game and 9 goal assists.

Golden Boot Winners 2014

Zoe Whyte - 2014 Golden Boot, Mitchell Robson - 2014 Silver Boot Winner.

February 2014

Australian Selection – After a very successful tournament Caitlin Bass Selected in the under 15 Australia Futsal Team to play in Barcelona in November. Well done Caitlin.

Caitlan Bass Australian Futsal Representative

2013 Golden Boot Winners

2013 Season

Golden Boot - Laura Nay 22 goals @ 1.29 goals per game

Silver Boot - Mitchell Robson 8 goals @ .64 goals per game and 9 goal assists. 

Golden Boot Winners 2013

Zaid Granzooy, Ty Parlato, Mitchell Robson - Silver Boot winner, Michael Robson - coach, Laura Nay - Golen Boot Winner, Keely Gregory, Matt Dyer - assistant coach.


2013 Season Results



Total goals scored all games

Ave Goals per game

Total Goals scored Comp games

Ave Goals per Comp game



Womens Prems under 16. Missed a few games due to injury








All Age Men’s Nepean Prems. Only played half a season due to overseas travel






Womens Super League Under 14. Missed numerous games due to injury.






October 2012

Laura Nay selected to play with Marconi under 16 premier league as a Striker. Laura previously played for Nepean as a defender.

September 2012

Laura starts training with Golden Boot Striker School. Research continues into system improvements.

2012 Season Results



Total Goals scored Comp games

Ave Goals per Comp game



Under 18 Nepean - Premiers





Under 18 Nepean - Premiers