Top 6 Football Striker Traits

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The strikers and attackers are the match winners.

How to become a better football striker!

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A soccer striker is the primary goal scorer in a team. They are creative, hardworking and generally very confident. Find out more about how to become a better striker.

Who will be the key Strikers in the 2019 Women's World Cup?

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Australia’s national team, The Matildas, are gearing up for what is said to be the most exciting World Cup series in the history of women’s football.

How to build confidence in football strikers and attackers

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Confidence, that universal intangible that most of us admire so much in others and often crave ourselves. When challenged with even the more mundane scenarios like speaking in public or attending a job interview we all look for confidence.

6 Reasons Why Strikers Needs Specialist Training

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For that moment of magic to change a game, it’s the attack-minded players that a coach will look to for inspiration and a result. If winning matches is the goal of the season and scoring goals win you matches, then this mindset has to change.

Touch is critical for strikers

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A great touch in a tight situation puts you in control and gives you more time. One to two seconds of extra time may be all that you need to set you up to take on and beat that last defender or keeper. All the greatest strikers have a great touch.

What is the most important element of a great striker

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I recently read a book by Carol Dweck Mindset: The New Psychology of Success. In this book, she quoted Mia Hamm who when asked: "What is the most important thing for a Soccer player to have"? She replied "mental toughness".