Soccer drills

Why choose us

After years of in-depth research, we have developed a patented soccer striker coaching system that is unique and delivers performance improvement. There are additional elements to the system that make Golden Boot Striker School a complete football striker coaching academy. These include:

  1. Striker and attacker specific training; coaching focussed on striker moves and drills;
  2. Our player to Coach ratio is a maximum of 7:1 which is very low when compared to other football schools; This provides our coaches with the time to correct a players technique.
  3. Practice makes perfect, we make sure there are plenty of shots on goal;
  4. Measurement of each training session, we use technology and capture training data to ensure measurable results;
  5. Our process delivers consistent improvement and the program is designed to measure improvement;
  6. You are coached by experienced and qualified Coaches;
  7. “It is so much fun!” - all of our current players agree the program is fun and they enjoy training;
  8. Our partnership with Academy of Sport Speed and Agility provides the ultimate training partner for a Striker
  9. Each player is provided with a Nike player’s kit including a bag, ball, training jersey, shorts, socks, jacket, and track pants. The complete kit for effective training.
  10. We measure game results.

The above components set the foundation to improve touch, skills and moves, to improve shooting accuracy and to develop a players confidence. The essential elements to make a great striker.   

So what are you waiting for register your interest and start the journey to becoming a Star Striker!